For me the shift was around food, dieting, and body image. Finding new ways to nourish myself while appreciating and celebrating how MY body is formed has been so calming to my soul.
— Dominique

just finished the presentation. Another great lesson. I now have many great resources. I do think religion stifles self care and self worth. The rituals or practice of rituals is very interesting to me. We all have common rituals and should be used to bring us together. The prayer at the end was so empowering. I was trying to write it down but had to stop, go back and just listen. I heard the words and felt the words!
— Jacquelyn

Thank you so much for your labor, Jasmine! I dedicate each waking moment to healing, yet I still found myself with pages of notes by the end of your presentation. The work you’re doing is invaluable.
— Skye

The roundtable was amazing! Thank you for helping me get my life right! #blackgirlmagic
— Eichelle