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This year we are so excited to bring together coaches, speakers, authors, activists, and creatives from all walks of life who are passionate about our mission of helping black women to thrive. 


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Rachel Ricketts

Rachel Ricketts is an intuitive guide + healer, racial justice advocate and spiritual activist. Combining her wealth of experience as a lawyer, intercultural communications educator + trainer, loss + grief professional and her personal experiences navigating the world as a Black woman, she curates difficult but necessary conversations with compassion as an outspoken champion for women of colour and our healing.

Rachel is passionate about creating and holding space for us to face our feelings and dive deep into the tough stuff - be it race, gender, death, burnout, stress, loss or grief. She curates opportunities to speak from the heart, unearth what needs sharing and learn from the deep wisdom that comes from standing in our truth and truly listening to one another in vulnerable communion. She offers spiritual tools such as yoga, breathwork, meditation and intuitive coaching to help us voice our struggles, step into our power and raise the collective consciousness. Rachel has worked with major organizations including Lululemon, New World Native, Native Shoes, and Provincial Health Services Authority, written for global publications such as Thrive, Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and presented at internationally renowned conferences including SXSW. She loves donuts, dancing and all things metaphysical.

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Siobhan Sudberry

Siobhan Sudberry is a Clarity Cultivator, founder of BeFree Project and host of the podcast, Girl Be Free. She teaches women how to get unstuck, gain clarity and cultivate the life they desire on their terms. She’s passionate about empowering women and encouraging them to show up for themselves and take action in their life. She hosts in-person events called the BeFree Meetup and has an exclusive online community called the BeFree Inner Circle that connects, gathers and supports women on their journey to being free.

Siobhan believes that every woman should be able to make herself a priority minus feeling guilty and she's dedicated to providing them with the tools and resources they need. She’s received her BA in Business Information Systems and MBA in Marketing Communications. Siobhan’s favorite quote is “I am not who I am going to be I am always becoming.”


Monique Cowan

Monique Cowan, known as Monique The Doula, is a mama, doula and family coach born and raised in Compton, Ca. Trained as a birth, postpartum and full spectrum doula, Monique has a passion for seeing all families healthy and whole. Monique began working professionally as a doula in late 2011, after giving birth to her own daughter and having the support of a birth doula throughout her pregnancy and childbirth. Monique wanted other women, especially low-income Black women, to have the same advocacy and support that she experienced with her doula.

Then, after struggling for five years with what she later found out was postpartum depression, she realized just how much support is really needed for mamas and daddies to thrive as parents and, as a result, came up with a series of sessions called "Village Harmony." As an unmarried mother, Monique understands the emotional, physical and financial struggles that mothers can experience; but she also knows how they can be overcome: through support from a loving and involved village.

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Graeme Seabrook

Graeme is a Motherhood Life Coach, whose approach to coaching is based on the belief that you must be a priority in your own life in order to thrive. Following a traumatizing birth experience and postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD, Graeme began a healing journey as a mother and a woman.

Graeme’s work is dedicated to helping mothers reclaim their humanity. She does this work because she believes we are living in a global culture that treats mothers as if we are inhuman, and expects us to be superhuman.

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Courtney Watson

Courtney Watson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in sex therapy in her private practice. Courtney has an additional master's degree in Human Sexuality and is completing her PhD in Human Sexuality. Practicing in the Bay Area, Courtney focuses her therapeutic work on serving LGBQ, trans, non-binary, 2 spirit, gender expansive people of color and allies.

In Courtney's work she offers a safe space for therapeutic exploration to non-monogamous and kinky folks as well as sex workers. Courtney believes sex and sexuality are social constructions and she works with folks to ground in sexual identities and expressions that are true to their desires regardless of mainstream society's confines. When she's not watching sesame street with her baby or taking trips to the library with her toddler she occasionally finds time to host trainings or do interviews on sexuality.

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Dr. Frantonia Pollins

The unapologetic voice for feminine leadership and entrepreneurial success; Dr. Frantonia Pollins is one of the most highly requested speakers and transformational coaches in the industry. Her TEDx talk has been hailed as “powerfully thought provoking…. with a transparency that is absolutely riveting…a paradigm shifting conversation on women’s empowerment and feminine leadership, whose time has come.”

A once homeless, single mom, Dr. Frantonia gives us all a front row seat at how she uses her own captivating life story of surviving a tragic medical catastrophe and overcoming unimaginable adversity, as a compelling example of how her commitment to personal, spiritual, professional and psychosexual development, transformed every area of her life, empowering her to go from zero clients to six figures in less than 1 year.  A multi-published author, Frantonia eagerly anticipates the release of her forthcoming book, “The Sexy Side of Success: Redefining Feminine Leadership, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom.” 


Tiana Dodson

Tiana Dodson is a fat, certified holistic health coach who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy. Through her work with One Beautiful Yes and the In This Body virtual conferences, she guides women of all types, femmes, and gender-nonconforming people to reconnect with their bodies through pragmatic self-care practices so they can come to see that there is nothing wrong with living in a larger body.

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Shawna Murray-Browne

Shawna Murray-Browne is the Director and Founder of Kindred Wellness, LLC, an integrative practice dedicated to honoring culture, expanding mindfulness, and holding safe space that empowers women, change-makers and families of color to heal. She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Family Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. Shawna completed the Advanced level training in Mind-Body Medicine at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine , headquartered in Washington, D.C. Shawna is a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical (LCSW-C), QiGong Instructor, Speaker and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner.

She provides liberation-focused, integrative psychotherapy, sacred community healing spaces, professional workshops as well as QiGong and Mind-Body Skills groups that honor the power of art, movement, breath and connection to nature. A sought after consultant to trailblazing change making organizations, she works with institutions ready to tackle tough topics about racism and equity.

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Hayley Johnson-Mackenzie

Hayley "Mama Hay" McKenzie is a highly sought after Transformation Expert who has been lovingly nicknamed "Sunshine", by those she has blessed with her light-filled personality. Hayley resides where Faith, Fitness & Financial Literacy intersect and is a Holistic Life Coach, Speaker, Humanitarian & Author. She has combined her passion for self development, spirituality & the desire to see people WIN into a business whose main focus is to serve women ready to change their lives so in turn they can change the world.

Through her holistic approach, Hayley J focuses on Mind, Body, Spirit and overall wellness so that her clients can sustain and enjoy the powerful lifestyles they've built on a solid foundation of happiness and self awareness. She is known as an innovator and one who possess immense creativity. Her strategies are most effective for those looking to experience growth in their lives. Hayley has been featured in the Huffington Post, YSF Magazine, Dr Oz show & Elite Daily to name a few.

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Aja McClanahan

Aja McClanahan is a blogger and writer that covers personal finance and entrepreneurship on her blog, www.principlesofincrease.com, and for various other web outlets. Her work and personal story of paying off over $120,000 in debt has appeared in places like Inc., Kiplinger's, Dr. Oz., Yahoo! Finance, Nerd Wallet and more.


Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola

Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola, PharmD, MPH, is the founder and editor-in-chief of Radiant, a bi-annual print magazine dedicated to the discerning African woman and her journey to wellness through health, beauty and culture. Nnenna is fueled by a desire to inspire women to live their best health. A current Atlanta resident, she launched Radiant online as Nigeria’s first women’s health magazine. In three years, Radiant has grown to become the leading health magazine for African women in diaspora and in Africa and is distributed globally at major retailers including Barnes & Noble stores.

Prior to starting Radiant, Nnenna enjoyed a career in pharmacy and public health with global healthcare experience at the WHO and the CDC. Nnenna has been featured in online and print media, radio, podcasts, and TV shows including Voice of America, How We Made it In Africa, as a panel speaker at the Wharton School of Business’ Africa Business Forum, and was named one of 41 Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs Putting the Country on the Global Business Map by Lionesses of Africa.

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Crystal Joseph, CCM, LCPC-S, LPC

Crystal is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland), Approved Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor (Virginia), a Board-Certified Case Manager, the author of Conversation with a Clinician of Color: Likeness, Lucy & Lemonade a first-person research commentary, and PoundCake & Private Practice: 5 Things I Learned During My First Year, a colorful, unadulterated book set to publish this summer which delves into building a private practice from scratch.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Black Studies from the College of William & Mary and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, DC campus. She owns PsycYourMind, a thriving private practice in the DC Metropolitan area, where she works with persons affected by mental health challenges, systemic barriers, and those who have had culturally traumatic experiences. When not in session, you can find her cooking with cast iron or curating her shoe collection.  

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